Well, let me introduce myself, my name is Alla Jackelli, I live in the beautiful town of West Orange NJ. I’m a chef – the one who is boss in the kitchen. I’ve been cooking my whole life, but baking has been my favorite, or should I say – I’ve been having a kind of romance with dough. At first I only baked bread and the rest came later. My bread is like my child, like love at first sight. Pastry is the passion of my life. I take inspiration for my cakes from architecture, different paintings and nature. It inspires me and lets me translate my vision into beautiful edible pieces of art.

I love life! I love my crazy family and our rescue dog Angelina and 2 cats – Masho aka Mashka and Gogi aka Muska. In our back yard we have mischievous squirrels, chipmunks, possums, and many many colorful birds. I love them too! I also love good wine and a great company.

And now I want to share my passion for baking and make your life a bit sweeter and special with my custom and wedding cakes! I make everything from scratch, only use organic ingredients and believe me, it makes a huge difference!
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